Behind U.S. Bank’s Ultimate Achievement in Real-Time Redemption and Personalized Customer Experience

Imagine being able to redeem for rewards anywhere, anytime, and for making virtually any purchase. In an age of instant gratification, attaining such a goal has become almost mythic among marketers. For years, merchants and credit card companies have attempted to link purchase behaviors and rewards redemptions on various levels, but dissimilar technologies and the difficulty of integrating numerous POS systems have always muddled the process. U.S. Bank, however, has finally cracked the code with its Real-Time Rewards.

By removing the merchant from the equation altogether, and thereby avoiding the need for complex technological and disparate POS integrations, U.S. Bank has assumed control of the entire process. Now a patented system syncs U.S. Bank’s transaction platform with its reward point engine, which has enabled redemptions for any purchase made by a FlexPerks Visa card. Whether purchases are made at the point of sale, at home on a laptop, or through a mobile device, the customer benefits from real-time customer engagement, and without merchant involvement.

Join Bob Daly, U.S. Bank Senior Vice President of Retail Payment Solutions, for a session that highlights how to get beyond the morass of technology to create a simple, relevant, and instantaneous redemption strategy.
Key takeaways from this session include:
• Why customer satisfaction is highly correlated with redemption
• How to overcome the POS integration challenges faced by both merchants and technology providers
• How personalized and experiential rewards are increasing transactional behavior and engagement
• How technology can increase simplicity, rather than add complexity


Bob Daly, Senior Vice President of Retail Payment Solutions, U.S. Bank

Bob Daly is Senior Vice President of Retail Payment Solutions at U.S. Bank where he has responsibility for FlexPerks Rewards credit cards and Loyalty Operations.  Bob was the chief architect of FlexPerks and led the marketing strategy that launched the industry-leading family of reward cards.  Previously, Bob directed operations for Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Visa at U.S. Bank and was Senior Partner and head of loyalty marketing consulting at The Lacek Group where his clients included American Express, Commonwealth Bank Australia, and Jaguar Cars.  Bob has been honored as Marketer of the Year by the Midwest Direct Marketing Association and was awarded a U.S. Patent for a mobile reward redemption process that enables loyalty program members to instantly redeem their reward points after almost any credit card transaction.  Bob holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Minnesota and a BA in Economics from The Colorado College.


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