Moves that Matter: Driving B2B and B2C Engagement though Effective Communication

For most people, the concept of moving simply involves picking up items from point A and delivering them to point B. But for Wheaton World Wide Moving, it is a complex process that requires a high degree of customer engagement sophistication and nuance. As one of the largest moving and storage brands in the country, Wheaton (which includes Bekins Van Lines) must build strong B2B relationships with a vast network of officially sanctioned, but independently owned and operated local-based moving agents, while also conducing effective B2C communications targeted toward end consumers.
In such a dynamic industry, effective communication is key, especially when the frequency between moves is typically five to seven years apart for most people. To build better relationships with local agents, and to increase repeat business and advocacy from end consumers, Wheaton recently introduced a newly revamped quantitative and qualitative approach to customer feedback and engagement. This has helped Wheaton put consumer perceptions and expectations at the heart of its customer experience.  
Join A.J. Schneider, Executive Vice President of Wheaton and Bekins, as he discusses the importance of proactively managing customer expectations through effective communications and data-driven insights to build both B2B and B2C relationships.
Key takeaways from this session include:
• Why most customer complaints are not the result of product or service failures, but rather the result of communication failures
• How paying close attention to customer perceptions can overcome barriers to growth
• How expectation matching drives an empathetic understanding that leads to more authentic customer relationships


A.J. Schneider, Executive Vice President, Wheaton and Bekins

A veteran sales, marketing and communications practitioner, Schneider spent nearly 15 years working with a variety of corporations and clients in a host of industries – from technology and engineering to recruiting and state government – building their brands and ensuring that sales and service were aligned. He learned the household goods relocation services industry by developing programs for some of the largest domestic moving companies in the U.S. while working for public relations, marketing communications and branding firms in the Midwest.

Schneider entered the relocation services industry full-time in 2007 by going to work for Wheaton Van Lines, Inc., the parent company of Wheaton | Bekins, the fourth largest van line group in the country. In 2014, Schneider became Executive Vice President. Today he’s responsible for Sales and Marketing, Agency Development, Customer Service, the Military and the company’s FF&E division. 

Schneider earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Indiana University.


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