Road Map: the Value of Customer Journey Reconstruction in Engaging Stakeholders

We’ve all been there; seeking support from a voice or internet provider sometimes, perhaps even often, an unpleasant experience. If you run a business, these providers are the lifeline connecting you to your customers, making the unpleasant experience one you cannot avoid.  Verizon Enterprise Solutions understands this, and is working to change the perception through a robust VoC process it calls Customer Experience Investigation, or CXI. Through CXI, the brand is able to engage in extensive customer journey reconstruction, tracking users through touchpoints like billing tickets, emails, and calls into service centers.
In this session, Verizon will share with attendees a look at the development, implementation, and results of the CXI tools it’s using to enhance the customer experience. Beyond using the data to improve customer satisfaction, this information can be used to steer executive leadership and share results with team’s that may not otherwise engage directly with consumers.
Key Takeaways:
  • - Don't reinvent the wheel - most companies have the relevant data needed to reconstruct journeys and bring them to life today
  • - Engage the right stakeholders - not all stakeholders are ready to listen and embrace empathy
  • - Start small - find a Champion that is accountable for a specific area of customer pain; drive action and demonstrate success to build momentum


Erin Van Remortel, Manager, Customer Experience, Verizon

Erin Van Remortel is a certified Customer Experience Professional (CXPA) and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Verizon Communications, a leading provider of wireless, fiber-optic and global network services.  Erin’s current role at Verizon is Manager of Customer Experience in the Executive Relations organization.  In this role, Erin is responsible for strategy, design and execution of process improvements to solve for customer experience gaps identified through Voice of the Customer data.


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