What attendees of past expos powered by Loyalty360 are saying...

  • I really enjoyed how you had true practitioners as the speakers, not vendors that ultimately try to sell their products or services. Great conference, THANKS!

    Kathy Turley | Palm Restaurant Group

  • Great presentation style, concrete example, actionable information; great job!

    Lizzie Dragon | PCCA

  • Excellent, rich content and great mix of activities, keeping exhibitors and practitioners both happy.

    Constance Hill | VeraCentra

  • I thought the Expo was an outstanding meeting, and I am looking forward to the next event.

    Chip Hall | Kobie Marketing

  • I always enjoy real world examples and challenges, therefore the panels provided me with the best experiences and takeaways.

    Brad Ball | Loyalty Match

  • You were all amazing!

    Richard Robins | Maritz Canada

  • Thank you for all of the support and guidance at the expo; we really enjoyed it.

    Xavier Torres | Points.com

  • The conference was structured well for networking.

    Matt Silk | Waterfall Mobile

  • One of the great strengths of this conference is that it’s very well rounded in terms of program management, the metrics piece and senior leadership pieces.

    Jenn McMillen | GameStop

  • I thought the sessions overall provided a great look into the ‘world’ of customer loyalty.

    Jeff Storie | Carlson Marketing

  • You’re going to see a top-down, really deep agenda that is relevant to loyalty [providers] and marketers alike. What’s really unique is that they have a special B-to-B track and a B-to-C track; I’m not aware of another conference that has made that bold move and added that level of expertise and relevancy.

    Sean Geehan | Deluxe

  • Excellent presentation; good balance between content & delivery, fun yet insightful topic.

    Steve McMahon | The Relational Capital Group

  • Like the format of multiple tracks and having advance indication of what will be discussed really helps.

    Michael Pool | US Airways

  • I had a great time at the Expo and found sessions helpful and insightful.

    Adriana Venthencourt | Office Depot

  • The thing that pops out to me is the consistent quality of the all of the speakers; we’re hitting a singular topic, we’re hitting it hard, we’re hitting is deep, and we’re hitting it with people all over the country and all over the world that care passionately about the topic. And it shows through not only in the formal presentations, but in the discussions that you have in the hallway and the exhibit hall and at the roundtables.

    Trevor Knott | Citizens Bank

  • Lots of great opportunities to network.

    BJ Emerson | Tasti D Lite

  • It’s a great place to learn. Even if you have a loyalty program, people can come to get ideas and get refreshed.

    Rick Boubelik | Carlson Marketing

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